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Studio Happy Days

Hi, I'm Lisa.

I'm a dreamer, a creator, a happy dancer ;) and a mom of two little one's. 

For many years I worked in the fashion industry as a color and material
designer. I flew to many countries for inspiration, retail checks, material fairs
 and factories.  Additionally, I travelled over 20 times to Japan for sample and production checks. I loved it but at some point, something started to not
feel right. Personally but also environmentally it didn't feel right
to be part of the fashion industry. 
So many collections each year. So many sample stages. So many materials and
products are thrown away each sample round. 
Isn’t it crazy that there is something like fashion waste where mountains of textile are dumped on landfills in several African countries polluting the soil? Isn’t it crazy that we still make new clothes while we know these stories? Why aren’t big fashion companies embracing upcycling? 
I couldn’t do it anymore so I decided to make a radical change. My adventure of Studio Happy Days started!
Searching and collecting fabrics that can be re- or upcycled. Transforming them into beautiful and original styles. Creating things in a sustainable way
hand-made, locally and one of a kind but with a fun
factor that makes you HAPPY.
I embrace a more sustainable approach and like to encourage kids and their parents to not only enjoy and pass clothes on but also want to
show what we can do with old materials.
Studio Happy Days was born!
The future is circular! 
Check the collection :)